I’ve intended for some time to begin writing publicly, and seeing as the internet doesn’t seem to have been completely ruined by now, a blog appears to be my best bet to do so. My intention is for this to be a weekly repository in which to collect my thoughts on economics, politics, culture, and the like, though this reeks thoroughly of something I won’t see through. Know thyself. In any case, I hope that someone may one day get something useful out of all this, or at the very least, that I might not inspire pity in my readers.

So here I go. But briefly about me, I’m a PhD student studying economics, though that certainly doesn’t mean I know anything of the subject. My ignorance doesn’t bother me as much as you might imagine, however, as the field is mostly a parlor game played by failed mathematicians with little resemblance to reality. Perhaps that will one day change, but for the time being, it feels like an appropriate place for my talents. Most of the time I suspect I’ll be posting about politics (American politics to be clear, though this is our internet, so that should go without saying) however, since it’s the spectator sport of our era. Just giving you a heads up in case you thought you might learn something from me. You will be disappointed.

Also, you may have noticed that I don’t know how to write. I assure you, I won many writing awards in middle school, so I’m what you might call an “undeveloped talent.” I don’t suspect I’ll ever learn at this point, seeing as I’m far too old. But the internet is full of jackass morons writing shitty blogs, so I mean, why not me?

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